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Emoticon Keyboard - Japanese


Emoticon Keyboard makes it easy to choose from over a million emoticons and a huge amount of ASCII art! Customize by choosing a cute skin or changing the background. It makes it easy to add emojis.Comes with a built-in emoji keyboard that makes adding emojis to other apps easy.
Adding heartemojis is a breeze
This keyboard app is so cute!
The combination of this keyboard and the Emoticons for Everyone Dictionary makes adding emoticons even easier.When the Emoticons for Everyone Dictionary is started up from another emoticon app you may experience difficulties with accuracy but this problem is nonexistent here.
Emoticon Keyboard - It's free

Directions1. Install2. Tap the keyboard icon to switch keyboards. You can use this to add emoticons anywhere.
Searching for emoticons1. Type “warau"2. Tap the change kanji button on the right side of the screen before deciding on a kanji3. Tap the emoticon button on the left side
* Searching with kanji1. Type “warau"2. Tap the change kanji button on the right side of the screen before deciding on a kanji3. Tap the emoticon button on the left side
Importing favorites from the Emoticons for Everyone Dictionary.First conduct a backup and then carry out the following:1. Home> Emoticon Keyboard> Favorites Manager 2. Select the Favorites tab and press the menu in the upper right (or the main menu if there is no other).3. Select Import.

Authorization•Network CommunicationsFor getting new emoticons online
• Modifying or deleting the contents of USB devices or SD cards.Used to back up SD cards.

About information displayed during installation:
Permits the collection (Emoticons for Everyone) to be used with this app
This is not an indication of this application’s characteristics. It indicates that a keyboard that wasn’t previously installed is now active. Simply put, it means something such as “there is a risk that this application is malicious due to it inputting characters.” No malicious operations, such as message contents being transmitted without user approval, shall be carried out.

-To use a background image, select “Keyboard Background Image”*To restore default select a skin without a background image under “Select Skin"
-Changing skinHome > Emoticon Keyboard > Select Skin
-To quickly switch between kana and the latin scriptHome > Emoticon Keyboard > Advanced Software Keyboard Settings, check “Change Input Symbols With Swipe” and “Switch Between Multiple Inputs With Swipe”
To quickly input several of the same characterGo to Advanced Software Keyboard Settings > Input Style and select “Swipe Input”
To change the size of character conversion candidatesThe size can be changed by sliding the “Character Conversation Candidate Size” icon horizontally.
Making quick gesturesUncheck “Pop Up When Key is Held” & “Key Operations Vibration”
Calling up Mushroom AppHold down the lower left character input key.
Changing keyboard’s left right alignmentGo to Advanced Software Keyboard Settings > Alignment
Unable to go to the next line with LINEOpen LINE and go to Other > Settings> Talk> Transmit with Enter Key.
Tab ExplanationsFavorites: Save your favorites tp use laterEmoticons for Everyone: Emoticons that people saved as favorites. Search using various keyboards and choose from a huge amount of ASCII art and cute emoticons. Popular: Emoticons that are currently popular.Recommended: Emoticons you may like. History: Displays previously used emoticons. This is automatically deleted after a period of time previously designated in the options screen.

Emoticon Keyboard has received official recognition for completing the Android security check!

The programming behind Emoticon Keyboard is based on mozc (, an open source software.